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Prosecutors Center For Excellence ...seriously?

Just how many prosecutors does it take for them to stop patting themselves on the back?

The blind cannot lead the blind. Do not fall for this repackaged prosecutor power grab. PPG for short.

King County Prosecutor Mark Larson is, you guessed it, a member.

There is zero on their web site that has to do with excellence. It is merely re-enforcing the current event corruptions that is being played out in the prosecutorial legal system. That they live in their nice little self-righteous power bubble is self-evident. Behold another dark bubble within their unclean court bubbles.

Talk about an echo chamber for self-congratulatory prideful refrains being created by self-righteous, self-appointed-important prosecutors! These groups are exactly how tyrants are always created down through history. Behold you are witnessing a portent of very terrible things that are to come.

PROSECUTORS’ CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE has to be one of the topmost wicked wonders of the world to visit.

If this is excellence Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Mark Larson, please give us the old corruptions.

Is Mark Larson not able to make a list. If every bragging point of what they claim to be were listed Mark Larson and King County Prosecutors could black out every single one of them as NOT DONE. To consider that I was poxy prosecuted because they believed lies that I thought I was someone “special.” Without a shred of proof, they believed a lie about what I may think all the while their lives live the lie that they are someone special. These prosecutors self-promote and wallow in their pride and false humility in every mud puddle they can find.

It takes blind prosecutors to look at the current injustice system they created and claim they are now the saviors of tomorrow’s legal system – someone please hand us the vomit bags because the humble in the land are goanna need it.


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